We started coffee powder manufacturing in a small way during 1969..Raw coffee seeds (Cof A,Cof PB,Rob) are purchased in and around Karnataka...

We Sort (Select)the coffee bean _Processed in drum &hot-air roasting machine_Cooled_Freshly grinded _Blended with 20%chicory _Packed in a hygienic way
Available Quantities:
50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg
We also provide 100% Pure coffee

Recently stepped into LIVE COFFEE STALLS
Presenting Tasty coffees in marriages ,house warming,birthday parties,engagements and so on...
Our Proud moment shared like::

I wake you up with a warm smile on your face for five decades, and now, stepping into the next phase of growth, I would like to promise you that, I would still flavour your tongue in a more better way. Let us celebrate the victory of 50 years by spreading the fragrance of Moorthy Coffee globally. Cheers.